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The We Need a Nanny (WNAN) job board is the #1 Job Board in Australia for parents and nannies to connect. WNAN have thousands of active caregivers on their site, and is the most the quickest & most affordable way to find nannies in Australia.

WNAN wanted to understand the pain points, challenges and usability issues their customers experienced as they wanted to improve the user experience.

What we did

We conducted a comprehensive Heuristic Evaluation and evaluated the product's compliance with recognised usability principles.

  • Expert UX audit and Heuristic Evaluation of complete WNAN experience evaluating key customer journeys, using Nielsen Norman Heuristics.
  • Recommendations, best practice and corrective measures were shared as part of the outcomes in a comprehensive report.

    Mobile, Desktop


A comprehensive Heuristic Review that involved assessing a user interface's adherence to accepted usability principles and standards. 

By applying established heuristics, we evaluated the WNAN experience with a focus on learnability and usability. 

This systematic approach proved instrumental in identifying usability and experience issues.

More importantly, it revealed how these individual issues collectively impact the overall user experience. Through this evaluation, WNAN gained critical insights into the nature and scope of usability challenges their users experienced.

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